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(PBA) Partial-Birth Abortion Ban
A Publicity Stunt

Even though the Partial Birth Abortion Ban did not save one life, organizations like National Right to Life admit that they wisely use issues like the Partial Birth Abortion Ban for the sole purpose of keeping the abortion issue alive in front of their supporters.  On the contrary, true and genuine leadership promotes only action based upon Godly principles, action that seeks to bring fruitful and productive outcomes, and action that does not waste the time, money, and efforts of their supporters.  The purpose of this article is to encourage those in the Pro-Life Movement to dig deeper first, not just taking of any leader or organization to support an action, to become a more critical and strategic thinker before they support a cause.

One of the most major moves in the Pro-Life Movement was the 15 year long struggle to get a Federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban (PBA) passed and through the Courts.  This series of national and state campaigns run by major Pro-Life and Pro-Family organizations was to-date the most empty of all Pro-Life efforts because it never was capable of saving one life.  It just outlawed one of many abortion procedures.

The PBA led The Pro-Life Movement astray for 15 Years, created a $250 million dollar “Cash Cow” in fundraising, and the 15 year delay allowed over 18 million more unborn babies to be killed.

“Ending partial-birth abortion… does not save a single human life.”
Dr. James Dobson

“The PBA ban fiasco raised a quarter of a billion dollars for the pro-life industry, yet never had the ability to prevent a single abortion.”
 – American Right to Life

In 2006, Focus on the Family leaders admitted that they knew the Partial Birth Abortion Ban would not save one child, and that they chose not to made that clear to their listeners and readers, but felt they needed something to keep abortion in front of the public’s eyes.

The Partial Birth Abortion Ban (PBA)  took away 15 years from the Pro-Life Movement’s time, efforts, and hundreds of millions in resources.  What we should have been focusing on all along is the correct, true, and just strategy, a strategy that would end abortion once and for all,  The Original Pro-Life Strategy:  PERSONHOOD.


National Right to Life (w/affiliates) $ 53 M
American Center for Law & Justice $ 40 M
American Family Association $ 40 M
Focus on the Family $ 22 M
Priests for Life $ 19 M
Alliance Defense Fund $ 12 M
Family Research Council $ 10 M
Concerned Women for America $ 10 M
Christian Coalition $   4 M
Americans United for Life $   4 M
Christian Legal Society $   4 M
Life Dynamics $ 3.5 M

Source: ARTL

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