title - prolife strategies - limit abortionPromoting Laws that Only Limit Abortion

bloody-handprint2The now faded goal of ending abortion was replaced by what is called the ‘Limited Abortion’ coalition or ‘Incremental’ Pro-Lifers.  If you try to remember recent Pro-Life activities since the early 1990s you will find one shocking fact.  Most, if not all,  legislative/political activity has centered around not ending abortion once and for all but in only ‘limiting abortion.’   This strategy led the Pro-Life Movement in getting bogged down in a “Nazi Germany” type debate: while accepting the killing of Jews, they focused on banning Poison A for the more humane Poison B.  Laws based upon this strategy, to ‘regulate’ abortion, still ended with:thenkillbabytxt1

roewadecolumnrootsThe “Limited Abortion” coalition’s concept was to focus on  ‘chipping away’ at Roe v. Wade through promoting hundreds of laws mostly in the states – all in an attempt to limit abortion, with some unexplainable reason that it would “eventually” overturn Roe v. Wade.  Because these laws were never meant to actually overturn Roe but to only limit abortion, they continually tested the limits of the Roe v. Wade case in the courts.  As a result they ended up reaffirming that abortion was just and legal in the eyes of society and helped established Roe v. Wade more in government and the courts.  In over 15 years this strategy has not gotten anywhere close to overturning Roe v. Wade.  Their response to the strategy’s failure is to give it more time.  When we look at the great loss of life in allowing 10, 20, or 30 more years waiting for this strategy to possibly work, it just is not a viable option.  Pro-Life activist who have focused on this strategy had now become the ‘enemy’ of unborn children they once fought against.

This cancerous idea, promoted by key national Pro-Life & Pro-Family leaders and organizations, had been adopted by many other Pro-Life leaders and organizations across America as their main focus also.  Anyone who now promotes other Pro-Life projects, like Personhood, and/or contradicts the ‘Limited Abortion” strategy is dismissed as unwise and classified as a ‘danger’ to the Pro-Life Movement.  While this is changing, many older, well established organizations still view this as the only way.  It’s interesting to note that those same organizations who are against state Personhood Amendments (aka Human Life Amendments) once rallied the Pro-Life Movement in the 1970s and 80s for a Federal Human Life Amendment.

While some of the legislation has done some immediate good it also did a very dangerous thing, it took the Pro-Life Movement’s attention, focus, and resources away from establishing Personhood through a Personhood Amendment, the only way to end abortion once and for all.  A true Personhood Amendment would in one precise action accomplish all of the goals of those ‘limiting abortion’ laws and more.  It would end abortion once and for all throughout the United States.   It would overturn Roe v. Wade.


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