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Appointing Republican Pro-Life Judges

bloody-handprint1One early adopted strategy was to focus on electing Republican Presidents so they would nominate Pro-Life judges to the Federal Courts and the U.S. Supreme Court.  This strategy has yet to yield any success and had seriously backfired because it effectively made murders of our Pro-Life judges.    We’ll explain as you read on.

The main reason this strategy has failed so miserably, was in the way it was implemented.  National Pro-Life organizations and leaders taught a ‘legal positivist’ position  —  that our government officials should always obey the government’s and courts’ view of what was right and wrong instead of God’s.  This meant that no lower court Pro-Life judges should ever issue a ruling that challenged higher courts and established rulings like Roe.  Even though by doing so they issued unjust rulings that allowed for the murder of unborn children.

stamp_red_failure_leftThe correct implementation would be to promote the appointment of Pro-Life judges who would never issue rulings that allowed innocent human beings to be killed no matter what.  This promotes basic justice (“Self-evident truths”) and God’s standard  “Do Not Murder!”  Also, if lower court judges don’t issue rulings in opposition to Roe then it will never be overturned because that is how the system works.  Some say that these judges would just get kicked out of their position.  Maybe so, but it is better than becoming accomplices to murder.  After World War II, Nazi Germany Judges were convicted of murder for that same thing, allowing the innocent to be killed.  The German judges justified themselves by saying they were just doing their job in upholding the law or a higher court ruling.

Our Pro-Life judges have now become active participants by ruling in favor of the unjust killing of innocent children.  They were now corrupted by the system because they did not stand up against murder of the innocent.  Those Republican appointed pro-life judges have now done more to hurt the Pro-Life Movement and keep Roe v. Wade alive than Democrat appointed judges.

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