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Will establishing personhood for unborn children ban all contraceptive use?  The fact is that SOME contraceptives or birth control cause the baby to be aborted and SOME don’t.  If you hear someone claim that a Personhood Amendment would ‘ban’ a specific contraceptive, you should be asking: “Does that contraceptive actually abort a baby?”    A Personhood Amendment would only ban contraceptives that cause a baby, after he or she is created, to be flushed out, to not implant naturally in the womb.

You’d be surprised at how many people, who consider themselves to be Pro-Life, who are ignorant of the fact of whether or not their contraceptives are causing their created babies to be aborted.  You need to ask your doctor this important question to be sure.

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Many pro-life groups and lawmakers in the past 40 years have bobbed, weaved and swerved around the abortion crisis instead of confronting it head-on. Now overcoming the Roe decision by legally declaring that human beings are persons from the moment of fertilization is a real possibility. 

John E. Archibold, Esq.

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