title - personhood concepts - god-given rights

Learn the Key Personhood Concept of Protecting the God-given Right to Life as a Civil Right in the Political Arena.

All Rights in our system of government originally go back to the Bible and God, called “God-given Rights” and “Inalienable Rights”.  You would be correct to say that all people should have a Right to political and religious speech without being jailed.  In America this “God-given” Right is “Politically Protected” in our state and federal constitutions.  But if you go to Saudi Arabia and try to exercise that God-given Right then you most likely will be arrested, jailed, and may be stoned to death or lose your head at the chopping block because that God-given Right is not “Politically Protected” by the Saudi Arabian government.  So the idea in general is to identify and understand our God-given Rights and make sure that they are protected in our state constitutions.

Why State Constitutions?

If one studies American and Colonial History, you will find that the primary governmental body that is used to secure the rights of its citizens is the state government, not the Federal or U.S. Government.  Each state has a “Bill of Rights” that outlines where and how the individual is protected.

As a part of the Personhood Amendment strategy, is that state constitutions are the unique vehicle by which we may recognize the Personhood of preborn children under state ‘constitutional recognition’ and protection.  Once a state has recognized an unborn child in their constitution (not laws) giving them legal standing in that state, U.S. Courts are forced by the U.S. Constitution to do the same, thus granting them legal standing, forcing the judges to protect their Right to Life.

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