State Constitutional Initiatives

Constitutional Initiatives (CI) have become the primary vehicle  for the adoption of a state  Personhood Amendment.

Why a State Constitutional Initiative?

The big issue with state legislatures is that they are all very fragmented on Pro-Life.  They cannot even agree on one Pro-Life view so agreeing on an amendment that would protect all unborn children is just not likely.  This is one of those situations where the People have to take it into their hands, bypassing their state legislature, in order to protect the Right to Life of unborn children.  Only some states allow a Constitutional Initiative that allow the People to amend their state constitution.  This method has now become the primary vehicle for change.

Two Ways to add a State Personhood Amendment.

State Constitutional Amendments normally are introduced through one’s State Legislature.  In some states a People’s Constitutional Initiative gives the People the right to add to or alter their constitution by introducing an amendment.  This process normally goes through a petition phase to gather enough signatures of voters to put the amendment on a state-wide ballot vote.  Both the legislative route and the People’s Initiative have to be approved by the voters in a state-wide election, then and only then would an amendment become a part of the state constitution.  The People’s Initiative is a preferred method over state legislatures because it goes directly to the people at a grassroots level bypassing an often, very divisive political landscape within a state legislature.  In other words, it’s darn hard to get a state legislature to agree on anything!

Constitutional Initiative States

List of State with a Constitutional People’s Initiative Process
(If your state is not listed, you do not have a CI process)

RANK STATE % Voters Evangelical % Voters Conservative AVG
#1 Arkansas 56% 45% 51%
#2 Mississippi 46% 49% 48%
#3 Oklahoma 53% 39% 46%
RANK STATE % Voters Evangelical % Voters Conservative AVG
#10 Missouri 39% 36% 38%
#11 South Dakota 38% 35% 37%
#12 North Dakota 31% 36% 34%
#12 Nebraska 31% 36% 34%
#13 Colorado 21% 44% 33%
#13 Montana 32% 34% 33%
#13 Ohio 30% 35% 33%
#15 Florida 24% 35% 30%
#15 Michigan 27% 32% 30%
#15 Oregon 27% 32% 30%
#16 Arizona 21% 36% 29%
#19 Illinois 22% 30% 26%
#20 Nevada 16% 34% 25%
#21 California 17% 30% 24%
#25 Massachusetts 8% 19% 14%
SOURCE:  Averaging together the data from who identified themselves as “Evangelical” AND “Conservative.”  Exit Polling of Voters in the 2008 Presidential Election who voted for a Presidential Candidate in the Nov 4, 2008 Election.  Conducted by The National Election Pool, a consortium formed by NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox and the AP.

LIST OF CI STATES:  National Conference of State Legislatures. Updated May 2009

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